Roni is a Milan based brand that advocates a new, contemporary way of being a woman in a restless time. bring the tradition of Milanese craftsmanship - with is elegance, subtleness and sophisticated aesthetics - to a deconstruction design inspired by Tel Aviv, a city that is harmoniously chaotic, where ways of viewing the world are constantly debated, re-interpreted and challenged. In Tel Aviv, rules are meant to be broken and systems are meant to be disrupted. By combining the concept of Tel Avivian deconstruction with the Milanese elegance, we create something new: a harmonious hybrid that is both fierce and elegant. Pushing the boundaries between art and fashion, Roni suggests an aesthetic redesign of the silhouette, embellished by the Italian tailoring. we use these influences as a guide for battling the current state of fashion, with its social impact and added values, in the hope of contributing to a more inclusive and courageous fashion system.